In Conversation with twelvedots


Meet twelvedots, Croatia based design studio who pride themselves on creating functional and simple handmade products. Their line currently includes a set of elegant cutting boards made from European oak retailing between €28.00 - €33.00. I love this collection so much, it's the perfect addition to my kitchen.

It’s about facing challenges and problem solving, all the way.

Q: First of all, what's behind the name twelvedots? And how did it all start?

Our inspiration for twelvedots comes from 12 years of being involved in non-creative jobs and then we decided to live a more inspired life and focus on design instead. So twelvedots actually means 12 years and having enough of it.

Q: What is it about the products you are designing that inspired you?

I love design and I love designing. Developing an idea from the first thought into the final finished item gives me a buzz and makes me feel alive more than anything else. It’s about facing challenges and problem solving, all the way.

Q: You are expanding into different ranges, firstly with the cuttings boards and now  the latest in your collection is a wall table. How did you come about choosing what to design?

Funny, but it seems like we are moving from one room to an other.

The truth is, there are so many things we would like to design, but we’ve also facing so many challenges as a small business owners.

It’s difficult finding manufacturers to produce small runs at an affordable price but worth the effort. Sometimes we need to switch from something we want to design to something we actually can produce.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a product?

At Twelvedots, we combine craft skills and values with design. By paying attention to every detail, we are able to create products that are truly special, unique, and timeless.

Q: Which brands and designers inspired you to pursue designing yourself?

There is a long list and there are so many brilliant designers so it would be impossible to pick one.

Q: Your products are functional and minimalist, is this an approach you take to styling your own home?

I tend to surround myself with things that are simple, beautiful and functional at the same time and trying to  stick to the same basic guidelines when creating something.

Q: What's next for twelvedots?

There are few projects we are currently working on and you will see us launch products for more rooms. Both small furniture and home accessories. 


All images taken by me.