Spotlight on Scandinavian design store Nabo

Spotlight on Scandinavian design store Nabo

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The funny little thing about blogging and Instagram is that you meet a lot of people online, get to peek inside of their homes and observe what inspires them but most of the time you will never get to meet them in person. Recently,  I was lucky enough to meet Christina Thaisen at MK Design’s annual Christmas workshop at Case Furniture in London. Founder of independent online shop Nabo, Christina has the most incredible home in London, filled with original danish designs, artwork, ceramics, lighting and textiles. Every single piece in her home is perfectly curated and functional - an ethos that spreads to the online shop that she runs.

A lot of the items in her home are actually pieces that she will sell on Nabo, so it’s great news for any fans of her home and also great to see how they look in situ. I have already given all my family the link to Nabo for any Christmas presents they might want to get me because in all honesty, I love every single piece on the site.

Christina in her stunning Bermondsey, London apartment

Christina in her stunning Bermondsey, London apartment

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites from the shop below:

Mette Duedahl

Mette Duedahl is a Danish ceramic designer who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design on Bornholm in 2011. Mette Duedahl originally trained as a photographer, but felt an element was lacking for her to convey aesthetics in the way she wanted. Nabo has some beautiful pieces from Mette, namely cups and plates in various colours. I am now the proud own of the eggshell bowl and mug. Prices from £20.

image courtesy of Mette Duedahl.

image courtesy of Mette Duedahl.


Meyer-Lavigne is a Danish design duo situated in the old meatpacking district in Copenhagen. Everything you will find in this shop is created by Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne, and is made with our love for storytelling, humour and uniqueness. Nabo has the most beautiful little bowls in various patterns and colours. Prices from £30.

Image courtesy of Meyer-Lavigne.

Image courtesy of Meyer-Lavigne.

Kristina Krogh

A visual artist and designer, Kristina works across art and design. She plays between light and shadow, colour, contrast, and a combination of various materials and textures. Geometric and organic shapes, patterns and tactile surfaces are some of the things that Kristina is inspired by and therefore strongly represented in her work. Her goaI is to make work that is an invitation to observe the world through shape, colour and surface.


My favourite pieces from Nabo include the Blind n.05 which is a is a limited edition of 300 Archival giclée fine art print, the one of a kind yellow bowl by Karin Blach Nielsen, the Treasure Bowl by Meyer Lavigne. Prices on the store start at £75.I caught up with Christina to discuss her motivations behind Nabo:

Can you explain the concept behind Nabo and why you started it?

As most people I fell in love with the Scandinavian classics at a very young age. And I still love them. But at a point I started to think more about what made them classics. Wherever I looked design furniture stores more or less all sold the same furniture and I thought that was sad, because there’re so many interesting new designers out there with great ideas, but rooted in the same principles as the classics.

As a Dane it’s in my DNA to care about original design and creating homes that are meant to be lived in. My background is in design and retail so it felt natural for me to start NABO.

With NABO I aim to showcase the future heirlooms and showcase new designers and craftsmen. I want people to think more about what they bring into their homes and their life. By buying less but better products you create a home where the things you surround yourself with have meaning to you and furniture that last a lifetime. By looking towards new designers and craftsmen you get a home that is more unique and personal.

I wanted NABO to be a different take on the (Scandinavian) design shop - by supporting and promoting new talents, listen to their stories and encourage them to create so that together we shape the future of design.

How do you curate the items you have in the store?

All the products NABO has is store are rooted in the same principles; quality, function, timelessness and aesthetics. We don’t shy away from being deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition; where design has a function, where things are meant to be used, where a home has room for life, for having guests over and for kids to be kids.

What artists and brands are you loving right now?

I’m loving everything Matias Moellenbach creates - especially his Glass Lamp. I’ve been admiring Karin Blach Nielsen’s ceramics for quite some time as well.

What would be the ideal pieces you would love to have in the store?

I’d love to add a range of furniture at some point, but it will be further down the line. Right now I’m focussing on sourcing original vintage furniture from Denmark on request but I’d love to stock contemporary pieces by new designers as well.

Despite having left Denmark, your home and style is still very much an extension of your Danish heritage. Do you find that hard to maintain living abroad?

No, not at all. I find that I almost live more Danishly now than I did when I lived in Copenhagen. Leaving Denmark has made me appreciate Scandinavian design and the Danish way of life much more.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as relaxed, boyish and classic when it comes to my home but also my wardrobe; I value craftsmanship and things that are made to last and I’m drawn towards neutral and dark colours, clean lines, natural materials.

Any blogs or Instagram accounts we should be following right now?

I love the home of Danish @linestampedal

For Danish cosy Christmas I’d say @mortilmernee

And for Danish design shop I’d say @danskmadeforroom

You can follow Christina on instagram: @christinathaisen

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Images courtesy of Christina Thaisen, unless otherwise stated. All thoughts and opinions my own

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