Hello! Here's a little bit about me

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meet me and my adorable Siberian Kitten Claude

I’m Charlotte and i’m a very small French girl living and working in London as a Head of Production in a branded content boutique production company. I make films for the day job, and although I love what I do, interior design is a big part of my life.

Being originally from France, Le Petit Fika is a fusion of my heritage and love for the Nordic way of life from the design, coffee breaks (known in Sweden as “Fika”, hence the name!), food and travel. Behind it is the belief that instead of following current trends, we should do what feels natural to us and create spaces that are a reflection of our personalities. I’m also inspired by what others find inspiration in and what their stories are (that’s the storyteller in me), so you’ll find a section on the blog called ‘In Conversation‘ which is a selection of interviews with designers and makers that I admire. I want to push to do more of those in 2018, because this dialogue with others is what I love the most about the way I work with people and brands.

Here are some services I provide: 

  • Photoshoots & product styling

  • Room makeovers

  • Mood boards & design consulting

  • Furniture sourcing


I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to drop me a line on lepetitfika@gmail.com or via Instagram

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